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Topics(Sep 13, 2013)
Regarding the news coverage concerning the contaminated water issue

It is our understanding that Prime Minister intended his statement "the situation is under control" to mean that the impact of radioactive materials is limited to the area within the port of the power station, and that the densities of radioactive materials on the surrounding waters are far below the referential densities and have not been on continuous upward trends. According to this understanding, we share the same views.

Today, the media have reported that a TEPCO employee mentioned his view regarding the contaminated water issue that "the situation is not under control."

We have been continuing to monitor the radioactive density at the seaside and the landside. The influence of contaminated water remains inside the inner area of port. The measurement result at sea is far below the detectable limit value or the density limit. We confirmed that there is no continuous increase in measurement results.

Being fully acknowledged of such situation, the TEPCO employee intended to mention the fact that contaminated water leaked into the inner area of port, and that water leaked from the storage tanks.

In case we have such troubles, we will take appropriate measures so that there is no negative impact to outer sea.

We fully recognize the great anxiety caused by the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, which continues to affect residents near the power station and the broader society, and we will strive relentlessly to rectify this issue, supported by the Japanese government


The original statement is in the Japanese and the English translation provided here is solely for reference purposes. Should there be any discrepancies between the English translation and the and the Japanese original, the latter shall prevail.

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