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Start of inviting proposals for the specification of smart meters
Notice regarding Smart Meter Bidding
Tokyo-Chubu Interconnection Project related

The application is closed.

Smart Meter Operation Management System RFP Invitation Outline

Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund (hereinafter referred to as Fund) and Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (hereinafter referred to as TEPCO) have further discussed the study towards domestic and overseas open procurement of smart meters and expansion of their implementation on the basis of "Special Business Plan" (announced on May 9, 2012). As part of this, we have decided to start making a "Request for Proposals (RFP) for systems adopted through the management and operation of Smart Meters". Today, we officially revealed the outline for the invitation.
With regard to procurement of smart meters, we made RFC(Request for Comment)on the metering part and communication part in March, 2012, and received over 400 comments from domestic and overseas businesses.
Responding to these comments we received through RFC, Fund and TEPCO presented "Basic Concept for Smart Meter Specification based on RFC " (hereinafter referred to as Basic Concept) (announced on July 12, 2012) with 3 viewpoints: (i) Achieving the intensive cost reduction, (ii) Securing the external interconnectivity, and (iii) Securing the technical expandability, and decided to carry out "Disclosure of metering part’s specification," "RFP for communication system," and "Public offering of system developer"after October.
Today's announcement of "RFP for Smart Meter Operation Management System " is based on the above Basic Concept.
*Specification of metering part was disclosed on October 24.and "RFP Regarding Communication System" concluded on November 19.
"Smart Meter Strategy Committee" established an in-house on November 19 having consultancy with Fund will decide its adoption of deliberated proposals from the "RFP for Smart Meter Operation Management System" considering the perspectives of technology and cost.
Fund and TEPCO strive to promote restructuring the businesses in collaboration with external organizations to achieve "domestic and overseas open procurement of smart meters and expansion of implementation" set forth in "Special Business Plan." Furthermore, Fund and TEPCO will develop new services utilizing smart meters.

1. Object of Public Invitation ¦ 2. Public Invitation Period ¦ 3. Eligibility ¦ 4. Application Method ¦ 5. Contact for inquiries on RFP
1. Object of Public Invitation
  • The Smart Meter operation management system in its entirety, made up of meter data management, smart meter equipment management, and network management.
    * For matters concerning the Smart Meter operation management system, etc., please check the attached invitation outline.

2. Public Invitation Period
  • December 17th (Monday) to December 25th (Tuesday), 2012

3. Eligibility
  • As a prime contractor, the ability to give total solution suggestions and perform construction on the Smart Meter operation management system in its entirety is assumed, and the company should fulfill the eligibility requirements laid out in the attached invitation outline.

4. Application Method
For applications, we ask for the creation and submission of the following necessary documentation.
  • Necessary Documents
     (1) Application Form [attachment 1]
     (2) Up to date company outline and settling of accounts statement
     (3) Application form for eligibility (technical requirements) [attachment 2]
     (4) Work result certificate [attachment 3]
     (5) Written pledge [attachment 4] *Only for those who passed the eligibility review
  • Submission Method
     Postal Mail
     *If unable to meet the submission deadline in this way, please submit copies of the documents (in PDF format) by electronic mail by the deadline, and send the originals separately by postal mail promptly.
  • Submission Location
     ・Location to Mail Documents
      General Materials Procurement Group,
      Transmission & Distribution Procurement Center, Materials & Procurement Dept.
      Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated
      16th Floor, Toho Hibiya Building (HIBIYA Chanter),
      1-2-2,Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 100-8560
  • Submission Deadline
     (1)-(4): Must be received by Tuesday, December 25th, 2012, JST 24:00 Japan Time
     (5): Must be received by Wednesday, January 16th, 2013, JST 24:00 Japan Time
5. [Contact for inquiries on RFP]
  • Inquiries should be made by e-mail in principle.
    *Please note that for inquiries made on weekends and holidays, we will respond to them after the following business day.
  • Telephone Number: 03-6373-7741 (Reception Hours: Weekdays, 9 AM-5 PM)

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