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Press Release (Jun 26,2008)
Revisions of Electricity Tariff and Transmission Service Tariff
On June 26th, 2008, The Tokyo Electric Power Company Incorporated (TEPCO) 
announced that it has decided to revise the electricity tariff and transmission
service tariff (wheeling charge) by around September 2008.  

Although our last revision was in April 2006, the sharp rise in fuel prices 
and the shutdown of the Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Station caused by 
the Niigata Chuetsu-Oki Earthquake greatly increased thermal power generation 
costs. Meanwhile, companywide cost reductions have lead to a decrease in 
facility-related expenses.
In response to this situation, we came to the conclusion that the previous 
calculation of the electricity and transmission service tariffs should be 

Regarding the electricity tariff, while the facility-related expenses have 
decreased, due to the rise of fuel prices the expenses have substantially 
increased. However, by integrating future streamlining initiatives, we expect 
that the revised electricity tariff as of September will be at the same level 
of the former price as reflected in the fuel cost adjustment.

Through this revision, average fuel prices will be calculated based on the 
quarterly national average customs statistics price for January to March 2009. 
However, regarding the electricity tariff for October to December 2008, despite 
the fluctuation that will occur in the quarterly national average customs 
statistics price for fuel from April to June 2008, fuel cost adjustment will 
not be considered.
Regarding the transmission service tariff, resulting from our cost reduction 
initiatives, the excess profit is expected in the balance of payments for 
transmission service in FY2007. 
On the basis of this projection, reducing the transmission service price is 
going to be discussed.

We are currently preparing our decision and will make a detailed announcement 
in a timely manner.
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