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Press Release (Nov 01,2011)
Supply and Demand Forecast for This Winter
We would like to thank you for your great understanding and cooperation in 
the efforts to save electricity this summer as a result of the shutdowns 
at many power stations after Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake on March 
11 this year.
This is to inform you that we have summarized the supply and demand forecast 
for this winter.

This winter, there will be some minus factors such as the regular 
inspection of Unit 5 at Kashiwazaki-Kriwa Nuclear Power Station. On the 
other hand, there will be several plus factors such as the recovery of the 
common thermal power stations which suffered the earthquake. As a result, 
we expect to secure 54.9 million kW (at the end of December), 54.6 million 
kW (at the end of January), 53.7 million kW (at the end of February) supply 
Compared to the maximum demand in the last winter, which is 51.5 million kW, 
we will have 2.2 - 3.4 million kW generation reserve margin.

As described above, we expect to maintain stable power supply this winter, however, as there remains possibilities of unplanned shutdowns at our power stations and growth in the demand according to the rapid change in the temperature, we would like to ask your reasonable effort to save electricity. We will continue to make our efforts to maintain stable operation and maintenance of the power facilities in order to "prevent in principle" the planned blackouts and secure power supply.
Attachment: Characteristics of power demand in winter (PDF 14.5KB)
Appendix: Efficient ways to use electricity in winter (PDF 390KB)

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