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Press Release (Mar 21,2012)
Start of Request for Comments on the basic specification of smart meter communications

In accordance with the "Action plan to promote reform" (announced on Dec. 9, 2011), Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund and Tokyo Electric Power Company are discussing the most appropriate approach to curb peak demand by using smart meters, and as part of an innovative procurement for full-scale installation of smart meters, we are planning to widely invite proposals for the specification of smart meters from domestic and foreign suppliers (announced on Feb. 28, 2012).
For the part of communications of smart meters, we summarized basic specification draft describing TEPCO's current precondition for smart meter communication network. To increase further business efficiency by the optimization of the specification draft or by the recuction of procurement costs, we will welcome your comments on a basic concept of metering systems as a whole as well as the basic specification draft etc.(RFC:Request For Comments).After incorporating the comments provided, we will finalize the basic specifications for the part of communications (a precondition for smart meter communication network study, or a basic idea/policy for communication system selection etc.). More detailed RFP (Request for Proposal) (including verification tests) will be issued following the RFC, regarding the technology options that have sufficient advantages in terms of cost-effectiveness, functionalities, qualities, etc.


1. Request for Comments
We seek comments on the"Basic Specifications for Smart Meter Communications"regarding the basic concept of functionalities required for smart metering. We welcome suggestions (including just concept, idea level) on technical issues to be considered, more efficiently operable functions and means, and specific proposals that contribute to cost reduction, improvement of quality and functionalities, etc.
Comments concerning both metering part and communication part of smart meter, as well as other metering related systems are also invited.

2. Submission due date: No later than Friday, April 20

3. How to submit your comments: Please see the appendices.


(1) Basic Specifications for Smart Meter Communications (PDF 626KB)
(2) Request for Comments regarding basic specifications for smart meter communications - Guidelines for applicants (PDF 130KB)
(3) Comment submission format (doc: 68KB)
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