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Press Release (Jun 07,2012)
Operational Commencement of Unit 2, Kannagawa Hydroelectric Power Station

Effective from today, we hereby announce the start of commercial operations of the Kannagawa Hydroelectric Power Station (HPS) located at Ueno Village, Tano District, Gunma Prefecture.

As a pumped storage power plant generating a maximum output of 2,820 MW (470 MW x 6 Units), the construction of Kannagawa HPS has been in operation since May 1997, utilizing the effective 653 m head between the Upper and Lower dams. Following Unit 1, which has been in operation since December 2005, the start of Unit 2 (470 MW, equivalent to 150,000 households electricity demand) was achieved one month ahead of schedule.

Kannagawa HPS is the ninth pumped storage power plant owned by TEPCO. At Unit 2 (second unit), we again employed the "splitter runner" (*1) co-developed with TOSHIBA and for the first time in the world incorporated into Unit 1 allowing for the simultaneous operations of both the pump and turbine blade. This has improved the generating efficiency by 4%, increasing the output by 20 MW per unit.

We will not only continue to maintain the safety and stable operation of Units 1 & 2 already in commercial operations, but will continue to make our utmost efforts to secure a stable electricity supply while always keeping the importance of safety at the forefront of our minds.

(*1) A turbine blade used at the pumped storage hydro generation plant. Via its turning in a rotating direction, generating and pumping operations are realized.

Appendix: Kannagawa Hydroelectric Power Station (PDF 312KB)
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