<Blackout Precautions>

In the case of the power blackout, please fully mind the following points;

・Please pay careful attention to the traffic when you are crossing at the intersection on foot or by car. The traffic lights may be suddenly turned off.

・During a blackout in the summer you are unable to use air conditioners and electric fans. Please be careful not to suffer from heat disorder.

・If you substitute candles for the lights, please pay attention to avoid fire. Also, please avoid using charcoal stove etc. with artificial coals or charcoals inside the house for the heating or cooking as much as possible. Even if you can not avoid using them , please make sure to ventilate the room constantly in order to prevent the carbon monoxide poisoning in the same way as you use combustion appliance such as oil burner.

・In buildings and apartments, please be aware that equipment and facilities such as elevators, automatic doors, automatic locks, and multilevel parking lots will not function.

・In order to prevent fire that could happen when a blackout ends, please make sure in advance to turn off the breaker of distribution board and unplug electric heating appliances such as an iron, a hair drier and a sheathed heater from the outlet.

・In order to prevent accidents that could happen when a blackout ends, please make sure in advance to turn off the breaker of distribution board and unplug electric appliances such as an electric mixer, an electric drill and an electric saw.

・When you leave home, please turn off the breaker of distribution board. As you are able to prevent accidents due to failure to turn off electric appliances, safety will be enhanced.
*After a blackout ends, please make sure to turn on the breaker before you plug electric appliances into an outlet.

・During the blackout, not only electricity but also gas or water supply can be suspended.

・In cold districts,water pipes and plumbing for water heater can freeze in winter.

・Regarding time settings of EcoCutes and electric water heaters, those of some models may be cleared. After a blackout ends, please confirm time displays of their remote controllers.

・During a blackout, crime-prevention systems or gas-leak alarms may not work.

・If you have some fish as pet, please release them into a fishpond or use battery-powered air pumps. In case of tropical fish, please pay attention to the temperature of the water.

・Regarding electric appliances with timer function such as rice cookers and televisions (timer programmed recording), they may show wrong time or settings of programmed recordings may be cleared due to a blackout. After a blackout ends, please confirm their settings.

In the case that the power blackout is planned in advance due to the maintenance of electrical facilities and etc., please also fully mind the following points;

・Please avoid using elevators during a scheduled blackout because you could be trapped in them.

・If you take medical treatment in your home, please consult in advance medical institutions. If you use medical devices such as artificial respirators and do not have any alternative power such as battery, we will lend you a small generator to a maximum extent. Please contact our nearest Customers Center.
*Emission gas from the small generator includes harmful materials such as carbon monoxide and so please do not use it inside your house.

・When you are using OA equipment such as PCs, the data you are inputting may be lost or the equipment may be broken due to a blackout, though it depends on situation of equipment. Please make sure to save the data before a blackout begins and unplug it from the outlet.

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