November 4, 2011


In recent days, fraudulent attempts to obtain the bank account information or request the return of compensation from those afflicted are on the rise by criminals posing as TEPCO officials.

Be on high alert when suddenly contacted by an individual claiming to represent TEPCO's compensation program. If you are even slightly suspicious, do not hesitate to contact our Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Consultation Center (Call Center).

<Be on the lookout for the following>

-Home visits based on the false pretext of needing to obtain bank account information for the payment of compensation

-Somebody falsely claiming to be a TEPCO representative who requests the return of already paid-out provisional compensation in cash.

Tokyo Electric Power Company
Fukushima Nuclear Compensation Consultation Room (Call Center)
Tel: 0120-926-404
Hours: 9:00 to 21:00


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