Major Products Procured from Overseas

TEPCO is going to purchase economic and high quality products from Japanese and foreign suppliers alike. We are doing business with not only Japanese but also many foreign companies.

Major items recently procured from overseas suppliers are as follows.

Thermal/nuclear power plants
* Thermal / nuclear power plant systems, and maintenance parts
  Measuring instruments and apparatus
  Control systems
  Rubber balls for condenser cleaning equipment
  GT parts (for thermal power plant)
* Waste water treatment system
* Equipments for decontamination
 (related to Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station recovery works)

Power transmission and Distribution equipment
* Galvanized steel wire stranded
* CVQ Cable (low voltage)
* Hardware for distribution
 (Band, Wrap around grip, Aluminum clamp)

Telecommunication equipment
* Telecommunication systems
* Fiber-optic cables

Other materials and equipment
* Electronic office equipments (Computers etc.)

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