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[Cost Reductions]Other expenses

Result (¥ billion) Target (¥ billion)
FY2014 FY2015 Total of 10 years
98.1 1,093.0

*The amount provided in the parenthesis in FY 2014 results is the target amount.

Specific measures
Items Contents
System outsourcing
  • Reduce contracts for system services, facility services as well as survey and analysis services.
Other expense (ex. donation)
  • Cease donation activities. Review membership fees, union fees, etc.
Welfare facilities and offices
  • Reduce welfare facilities and company housing costs
  • Reduce office space being rented in anticipation of personnel reductions
promotion/ advertising costs
  • Reduce TV, radio, newspaper, and magazine advertising costs etc.
Theme research
  • Reduce Central Research Inst of Electricity Industry contribution. Suspend theme research other than research related to decommissioning, safety operations and stable supply. Reduce the institute's management fee.
  • Additional research cost reductions by reviewing proposed research themes based on research progress and revision of the investment plan.
Employee training
  • Reduce management education training and operation center costs, etc.
  • Reduce office supply purchases such as PCs and reading materials.
  • Review the transportation services for waste management. Reduction of compensation costs.

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