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TEPCO Environment Month

'TEPCO'S ECO' under this unifying concept TEPCO is providing precious electricity, while caring for the precious environment.

The realization of the corporate goal 'Creation of Environment'
One of our company's corporate goals is the 'Creation of Environment.' With this goal in mind we strive to produce environmentally sound electricity. When our customers use such electricity efficiently, a valuable environment and efficient lifestyle can coexist.
Our target is to build a society which is able to maintain a high efficiency level of electricity usage. TEPCO has dedicated the month of June as 'TEPCO Environment Month.' TEPCO will continue to carry out various corporate policies that concern the environment
such as, helping end global warming and other environmental preservation measures and nature protection activities.

'TEPCO'S ECO' is the unifying concept TEPCO has announced for the Environment Month. A new symbol mark of 2 leaves is being introduced through PR activities via TVCM and newspaper advertisements. The symbol has a light bulb on the left and a leaf on the right, the design represents the two important corporate missions of TEPCO, 'Providing Electricity' and 'Preserving the Environment.'

The corporate homepage has been renewed for the Environment Month.

Current issues are as follows:
TEPCO Pair-watching (Nature Watching Club)

'The Natural World of Ozu and the Tokyo Electric Power Company Exhibition' on display at PR facilities:

The cooperation concerning Environmental Education with Grade School and Junior High School students:

Introduction and support of the Reuse Cup at the International Stadium Yokohama:


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