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In regards to a series of media coverage of TEPCO accepting the Fuji Television's Tender Offer Bid (TOB)

Tokyo - Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) has been a stockholder of Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. since 1954 with the objective to foster a sound, wide-ranging radio broadcasting business.

About the TOB put forth by Fuji Television:
  • TEPCO has been a loyal stockholder of Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. since NBS's establishment in 1954.
  • Fuji Television is an important client for TEPCO and understands TEPCO's business operations. Therefore, TEPCO values the importance and continuance of the relationship with Fuji Television.

Considering the statements above with a comprehensive and broader point of view, TEPCO has decided to accept the TOB proposal from Fuji Television.
TEPCO sent in their application on February 17, 2005.


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