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Attention - Phony investigators and disasters strike.



Wonder Circus - Electric Power Pavilion


Wonder Circus-Electric Power Pavilion is located at the Corporate Pavilion Zone A, just to the right of North Gate in Nagakute Area.

The Theme: Powerful Imagination
= Imagination is the energy needed to create a rich future! =

It is hard to miss the colorful outside walls decorated with 30 children's drawings. These drawings were selected from 5,933 entries from elementary school students across the country. The size of each drawing is approx. 5 meters by 7 meters.


By Mariko Nakano
(3rd Grade, Kanagawa

By Daisuke Matsuzaka
(2nd Grade, Tokyo)

Environmental considerations and preparations to battle the heat

The design of the Pavilion takes into consideration the inevitable heat during the EXPO period. The following have been incorporated in order to create a comfortable yet eco-friendly environment for visitors during the intolerable heat:

  • Eco-roadbed materials containing dam driftwood chips
  • Eco-roadbed materials containing reservoir dame sediment
  • Unbaked bricks composed of coal-ash created from thermal power plants
  • Collected rainwater from the roof of the Pavilion is used to water the flowerbeds
  • Utilizing comprehensive natural energy of solar energy, fuel-cell, and wind energy to disperse dry mist and spot air-conditioning from the roof in the outdoor waiting area



Now, let's have a quick peek at the Pavilion.

The Departure Zone is a
retro-flavored station house,
named "Departure Station".


An amusing ride experience,
full of visuals and sound
effects, awaits you there.

Last, but not least, there is an exciting surprise at the end….unfortunately, for now, it's still a secret!!

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