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Regarding Yomiuri newspaper dated April 21, 2011(evening paper) "Re-examining the design of Higashidori Nuclear Power Station" on the front page
April 21, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

On the front page of Yomiuri newspaper (evening paper) dated April 21, 2011, it stated that Vice-president Fujimoto of TEPCO remarked "delay the commencement of operation in certain period" and "drastically re-examining the design of Unit 1 and 2" regarding Higashidori Nuclear Power Staion. However, it is never the truth.

We continuously make every endeavor to bring the situation at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station under control and make sincere utmost effort for the people at the site.
Therefore, nothing has ever decided with regards to re-examination of the commencement of operation and design of Higashidori Nuclear Power Station.

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