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Regarding the report in TV-Asahi "News Station"on July 13
July 14, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

With regard to the stable power supply during this summer misleading report was made in the news program. The facts are as below.

[Power Interchange]
While the caption and narration explained "Power interchange to the west part of Japan is considered.", there is no fact that we have considered such a power interchange under the current tight supply-demand balance.
On our side we will just focus our resources on stabilizing the supply-demand balance within TEPCO's service area to which Article 27 of Electricity Business Act is applied and Tohoku Electric Power Company's service area.
In other words, toward this mid summer we will make every effort to secure enough supply capacity and avoid the planned outage through asking general public for cooperation to save electricity mainly during time of peak demand.

[Excess Capacity of Private Generators]
It was reported"It does not seem that all of the measures, including excess capacity of private generators, have been fully utilized in order to avoid the shortage of supply capacity". However, when we visit customers to ask for energy saving since this spring we have been asking about the operational situation of private generators and offering that we will purchase all of the excess capacity, if any, for the additional supply capacity. As such, the fact is that we have been striving to secure enough supply capacity, taking into account private generators.

With these measures we have currently secured 1.6 GW from private generators out of 16 GW, which excludes generators originally considered as TEPCO's supply capacity (Joint thermal power plants or IPPs etc.) .

It should be noted that more than half of 16 GW of the private generators have already been utilized for electricity business through PPS, and most of the remaining generators are installed for private use with capacities in accordance with the demand of each customer.

Utilizing private generators, we will continue to make every effort to secure enough supply capacity.

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