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Our response to the report in "Morning Bird" broadcasted by TV Asahi on July 18
July 19, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

The captioned program broadcasted a report titled "Compensation for Nuclear Damage - TEPCO does not assume responsibility - burden to the public" that may be misleading in relation to our asset holding. The facts are as below:

- We, TEPCO, sincerely recognize that we are the party to this incident. We plan to respond to the request for compensation to people suffered in a fair and timely manner with the support from the national government.

- Since May in 2011, in addition to stabilizing the incident and ensuring stable electric supply, in order to respond to the request for compensation in a steadfast manner, we are making the direction clear and implementing extreme business efficiency and streamlining measures such as asset sale (sale of assets other than required for electricity utility business, abolish all recreation facilities and sell all facilities that are marketable , target to raise over 600 billion yen), reduction of investment and expenses and streamlining of organization, group structure and corporate downsizing.

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