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Corrections and Clarification of a newspaper article,"TEPCO supposedly transferred emergency generators to the basement" by The Tokyo Shimbun (11th Edition), dated on August 16
August 17, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

The newspaper article of The Tokyo Shimbun regarding Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station reported contents that are incorrect and could cause misunderstandings.We hereby provide facts below.

1. Changing location of the emergency diesel generators into the basement
The article reported that TEPCO had moved emergency diesel generators from the 1st floor in the turbine building to the 1st basement. However, the emergency diesel generators have been located in the 1st basement since commencement of commercial operation started, and we have not change these locations.

2. According to the drawing, they had been located above ground before changing location
Regarding the drawings submitted to the Government in July 1966 and in April 1993, the corrected drawings are submitted in November 1968 and July 1993, respectively. Hence, the statement of "they had been located above ground" is misinterpretation of the fact.

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