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Regarding the September 11 TBS Broadcast Report "Earthquake Disaster Special Program: Truth of Battle of Nuclear Accidents in 180 Days"
September 13, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

With regard to the captioned report on Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station, there were certain contents that were not based on facts or potentially misleading reported in the program. The items reported are as follows:

1.The report determined that "The meltdown and explosion of hydrogen could have been prevented by proper responses including the operation of IC despite the power outage. However, the details including the causes, mechanisms and operation of IC, etc. are now being investigated by the "Investigation Committee on the Accident at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Stations".
Under the circumstances, the report prematurely presumed or guessed that it was a "Human Made Disaster" before the facts become evident. Given the misleading nature of this report, we extremely deplore that such a report was made.

2.The report mentioned that "Action involving the vent took too much time because the order to implement the manual operations of the vent valve was delayed". Due to a station blackout, we were unable to monitor the pressure of the containment vessel. However, after the monitoring function was restored by connecting it to a small generator, the general manager swiftly issued orders that included moving forward with manual vent operations (March 12th, approx. 12:06 am). Hence, the order was not late. Prior to the implementation of on-site vent operations, it was necessary to obtain Government approval. In addition, we also had to spend time confirming operation procedures, the radiation level of the site, and an estimation of the operation time, making/reporting the evaluation of exposure dose around the site, and confirm the evacuation of residents. As a result, we actually started the vent operations at around 9:00 AM on March 12 after we confirmed that the evacuation of the residents of Okuma Town (Kumachi District) had been completed. In addition, because the site work was conducted when radiation levels were very high, the workers had to work in multiple shifts. They also had to work in the darkness due to the loss of power. It was very difficult to maintain communication between the workers and the head office because the physical lines of communication were lost at that time. It was under such severe circumstances that we were called upon to respond quickly and accurately.

3.The report mentioned that TEPCO reported its intentions to implement a full withdrawal from the site to the Government. However, that is not a fact. The point that was informed to the Government was that "Given the severity of the situation, we wanted to consider the potential necessity that for some workers who were not directly involved in the response work, they may temporarily be withdrawn". Regarding this very point, the former Prime Minister, Kan, mentioned at the budget committee in the House of Councilors on April 18 and May 2, that he had summoned the President of TEPCO and was given the answer that "it did not mean a 'withdrawal' (April 18th)". Prime Minister Kan also stated "At one stage, since I heard from the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry that TEPCO may have intentions of withdrawing due to various reasons, I summoned the President to clarify his intentions. His answer was that we do not have any intention of withdrawing." (May 2). These statements correspond to the facts as we understand them.

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