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Concerning the October 23rd Asahi Shimbun morning edition page 1 article titled "TEPCO dismissed 5-year Prior Proposal to Link Nuclear Plant Power Sources"
October 23, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

Thus far, sincere and earnest efforts have been made towards power supply reinforcements at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station such as installing emergency diesel generators at each plant and building connections to achieve power supply flexibility.

In addition, in November 2006, policies were planned and prepared to deal with deterioration due to aging and earthquake proofing with the gradual implementation of such measures to take place in light of their construction feasibility and proper timing.

Regarding the securing of offsite power utilizing a power cable that would have linked the power sources for "Units 1 to 4" with the power sources for "Units 5 and 6" as mentioned in the article, this idea did arise during the creation of a new plan for power supply reinforcements. However, this notion remained at the idea stage and no specific documentation towards its implementation was ever drawn up. In short, it was never formalized as an official company decision.

Now, in retrospect, even if we had linked the power sources for "Units 1 to 4" with the power sources for "Units 5 and 6", given that the power panels and equipment (motors etc.) were completely submerged in water, we believe that it still would have been very difficult to prevent the escalation of the accident.

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