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Our comments on the article of the December 7, 2011 edition of THE YOMIURI NEWSPAPERS, "TEPCO to dispose of thermal power plants"
December 7, 2011
Tokyo Electric Power Company

The December 7, 2011 edition of THE YOMIURI NEWSPAPERS reported that "TEPCO is to dispose of thermal power plants".
Although we have previously noticed in the "Special business Plan" approved on November 4 that while maintaining stable supply and economic efficiency we will consider making the most of plants of others such as Independent Power Producers', and also disposing thermal power plants (electricity supplying business assets), we have not yet reached any concrete decision.

The article also refers to the outline of "Action Plans to promote reformation" but this too is under scrutiny by TEPCO and the Nuclear Damage Liability Facilitation Fund, and details will be released without delay when it is finalized.

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