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April 6, TV Asahi "Morning Bird", "Purchasing electricity cheaply from waste disposal centers"

April 6, 2012
Tokyo Electric Power Company

On the TV program "Moring bird" aired on April 6, TV Asahi reported "TEPCO is purchasing surplus electricity generated at waste disposal centers cheaply."

Regarding surplus electricity purchasing from other electricity generators including waste disposal center etc, we make contracts with other electricity generators through negotiation. Therefore, we allege that the content of this report is a misrepresentation of the facts.

Electricity purchasing costs from other power generators are included in the cost of electricity that sent to our customers. Therefore, decrease of surplus electricity purchasing price contributes to cost reduction and it reflects to our electricity price to our customers.

In addition, regarding surplus electricity from waste disposal centers etc, we are having long-term electricity purchasing agreements with them to promote effective use of unutilized energy in light of the property of electricity generation method of them.

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