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Comment Regarding the Disclosure of the Video of our TV Conference

August 7, 2012
Tokyo Electric Power Company

We have received many opinions and comments on the way the video of our TV conference is disclosed. Our stance regarding this matter is as follows.

Under the new management system, we are making efforts in proactively offering information to public from the customers' and society's point of view.

The TV conference recorded in the video was meant to be a way of communication between our headquarter and power stations, and was not intended for being disclosed to public. The video was disclosed upon the managerial judgment in consideration of the demand from the media and the high level of social interest.

Our employees in the video are those who engaged in restoration work in the severe situation right after the accident, and many of them are still working towards the stabilization of the power station. There is a fact that these employees are concerned about becoming a target of slander and causing negative impact on their family as a result of having themselves identified by the appearance in the video. We believe that it is our responsibility to fully consider the consequences of disclosing the video.

In consideration of the aforementioned risks, the video was disclosed upon managerial judgment and in accordance with the advice given by our attorney. We greatly appreciate your understanding.

The video was also shown to the members of the investigative panels appointed by the government and the parliament for the purpose of contributing to the investigation on the accident.

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