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Comment in Response to the Yomiuri Newspaper (Page 8 on the Morning Edition) Article "Flood of Requests from Customers for Lowering their Contract Amperage" (August 17)

August 17, 2012
Tokyo Electric Power Company

On page 8 of the Yomiuri Newspaper morning edition (August 17, 2012), it says that TEPCO is flooded with requests from customers for lowering their contract amperage and that "even if customers request for a contract change now, it will not be applied by September due to reasons such as a lack of available breakers".

Regarding the requests for "changing the contract amperage", we have a sufficient number of breakers and staff available to accommodate our customers' requests. However, we may be unable to meet customer's request on the day and time of the staff visit depending on the schedule. We appreciate your understanding.

The actual number of requests for lowering the contract amperage received this fiscal year so far (April to July) is slightly more (approx. 1.2 times more) compared to the same time last year when many customers requested for a contract change for the purpose of saving electricity.

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