Radiation Dose measured at discharge channel monitor of Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station

The following is the radiation doses of the liquid released from the discharge channels which is measured by the discharge channel monitors on the premises of Fukushima Daini Nuclear Power Station.

Monitoring points

Radiation dose


○Discharge channel

A discharge channel is a location where cooling water (seawater) used to cool the steam generated in the reactor
and transform it back to water, waste water such as cleaning wastewater, shower wastewater and extra water in
the plant and rainwater on the premises of the power station is discharged.


○Discharge channel monitor

A discharge channel monitor is installed at each discharge channel at the power station and measures the radiation doses of the liquid discharged from the discharge channel.
The monitoring data of the discharge channel may temporarily rise due to the fall of radioactive materials (such as Radon daughter nuclides) which exists in nature, to the ground with rain, pouring into the discharge channel.


○Measurement unit: cps (count per second)

1 cps represents that 1 radiation ray was measured in 1 second by a radiation counter.



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