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Cooling of Unit 4 spent fuel pool properly accomplished

February 14, 2012

The temperature of the spent fuel pool of Fukushima Daiichi NPS Unit 4 is maintained between 25 - 30 degrees Celsius, and the top of the spent fuels are 7 meters below the water surface of the pool. Due to the earthquake that occurred on January 1, of which the epicenter was near Karasujima, the water level of the skimmer surge tank became temporarily low, but there was no change in the water temperature and the water level of the pool. We put a camera in the pool on February 9 in order to measure the clarity, and we confirmed that, although there is a certain amount of debris due to the explosion of the building, as we have confirmed on May 7 last year, the spent fuels themselves are secured inside the rack.

Furthermore, on January 22, we have inspected the condition of the fifth floor of the reactor building, and we have confirmed that the floor was parallel to the water surface of the reactor well, which indicates that the building is not leaning.

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