Important Report from TEPCO

The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated, would like to make comments on subjects that are reported by the newspapers, TV or websites.

It is cooled enough inside the PCV, with water accumulated at the bottom of the PCV at Units 1/2/3.

May 25, 2012

As previously announced, water injected to the reactor of each units is leaking to the PCV and then to the reactor building and to the turbine building. TEPCO is continuing to stably operate the circulating water cooling system which retrieves the leaked water from the turbine building, remove radioactive materials and salt out of the water, and injects it into the reactor again. As a result, the temperature measured inside the PCV is kept in the range of 30 to 60 °C.

In regard to the article titled "Unit 1 water level is 40 cm. Possibility of water leakage from a hole at the bottom of the PCV" on Tokyo Shimbun dated May 22, TEPCO currently assumes the water level at the bottom of PCV of Units 1/2/3 as follows.
Unit 1: approximately 2 meters (corresponding value from pressure indicator figure)
Unit 2: approximately 60 cm (corresponding value from the length of industrial endoscope to reach the water surface, which was inserted inside the PCV)
Unit 3: approximately 5 meters (corresponding value from pressure indicator figure)


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