Countermeasures for Water Leakage

Leakage from B Area (South Side) Tank

October 3, 2013

○Each group of tanks which accumulates the contaminated water in the Fukushima Daiichi NPS was set up on a concrete foundation and surrounded by a 30-centimetre-tall dike. To prepare for the coming Typhoon 22, we have done transferring the rain water accumulated in the dike to the tanks even though we had been facing the difficulties in managing the usage of tanks. (There was radioactive water that had been treated through the water treatment system. We have tried to utilize the vacant capacity of the tanks.)

○However, approximately 430 liters of the water in the tank in the B area (south side) is estimated to have leaked outside the dike by moving along the foothold attached to the tank.

○There was a possibility that the leaked water flowed out to the ocean through a nearby side ditch. However, judging by the analysis results of the seawater obtained at 7:00 am on October 3rd near the place where the side ditch connects with the ocean, there has been no impact on the waters of the ocean. We'll continue to monitor the seawater near the power station.

・ Gross β: Below the detection limit value (detection limit value: 20 Bq/L)
・ Cesium-134: Below the detection limit value (detection limit value: 1.5 Bq/L)
・ Cesuim-137: Below the detection limit value (detection limit value: 1.2 Bq/L)

For detail, please refer the document from the link below.

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