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Press Release (Mar 11,2003)
State of inspections at TEPCO's nuclear power plants and the company's basic approach to maintenance
March 11, 2003

Tokyo --- Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has been checking the 
condition and safety of its nuclear power plants since the 
announcement last August about inappropriate management in the 
safety records of TEPCO's self-imposed inspections.

A subcommittee of an advisory council to the Minister of Economy, 
Trade and Industry, which is to assess the condition of the 
facilities, has been evaluating cracks that were identified in the 
nuclear power plants. The Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency 
(NISA) submitted the interim report to the subcommittee on March 10. 
This concerns an assessment of cracks on the shrouds and the pipes 
of the primary loop re-circulation system at TEPCO's nuclear power 

Based on the conclusions of NISA's interim report, TEPCO has announced
its basic approach to the maintenance of cracks, which is as follows: 

(Cracks on the shrouds)
-The subcommittee concluded that the cracks on the shrouds do not 
 need to be immediately repaired. However, it is necessary for the 
 cracks to be examined with appropriate regularity so that any 
 development in the cracks can be identified.
-Based on this conclusion, TEPCO will remove all cracks except very 
 small ones and ones that will not affect the condition of the shroud.

(Cracks on the pipes of primary loop re-circulation system)
-TEPCO will remove the cracks on the pipes of the primary loop 
 re-circulation system by eliminating the cracks or replacing the 
 pipes, since it will take some time to carry out another assessment 
 of the condition of the plant, after confirming the reliability of 
 the examination data obtained through the improved ultrasonic test.

TEPCO will explain its approach to maintenance work, as well as the 
results of comprehensive checks on the appropriateness of past 
inspections and progress on preventative measures, both to residents 
in the vicinity of nuclear power stations, and to all parties involved.

Appendix:Status of Nuclear Power Plant Operation  (as of March 11)

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