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Press Release (Mar 29,2004)
FY2004 Management Plan
March 29, 2004

Tokyo --- Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) has compiled its management 
plan for FY2004, incorporating measures to regain public trust, targets 
for electricity sales development, electric power demand projections, 
capital investment in plants and equipment, and targets for profits and 
financial improvements.

In the FY2004 Management Plan, as in the preceding fiscal year TEPCO 
will make an all-out effort to achieve its top priority goal of regaining 
the trust of residents in areas where its nuclear plants are located, and 
that of the general public. In light of the expanded scope of deregulation 
in future electricity retail markets, TEPCO is also determined to achieve 
and enhance customer satisfaction and strengthen its competitiveness, 
as well as to aggressively pursue the construction of efficient 
new facilities and reduction of costs. Furthermore, TEPCO will strive 
to become a company that continues to develop alongside society, 
by ensuring a stable supply of electricity while promoting conservation of 
global and local environments, and by raising the corporate value of 
the TEPCO Group through developing new businesses and overseas businesses.

The main contents of the latest Management Plan are as follows:

Regaining trust and developing businesses
I. Achievement and further enhancement of customer satisfaction
II. Measures for strengthening competitiveness
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