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Press Release (May 25,2004)
Participation and Support for the Introduction of the Reuse Cup at the International Stadium Yokohama -Communicate on the Global Environment from the J-League F-Marinos' Home Stadium-
May 25, 2004

TEPCO, in cooperation with the City of Yokohama and the Yokohama Sports
Promotion Corporation, will participate with and support the Reuse Cup,
which will be in use at the International Stadium Yokohama.  

The project is to replace disposable paper cups and use Reuse Cups, which
are made of Polypropylene. The cups can be washed and reused up to 50
times at the shops selling drinks within the International Stadium
Yokohama. The project is a part of the 'Yokohama G30 Plan' promoted by
the City of Yokohama, to begin on the Yokohama F-Marinos' opening home
game (Aug. 21st) for the J-League 2nd Stage.

The use of the Reuse Cup will result in environmental burden reduction.
In comparison with the use of the general paper cup, the reduction result
of one J-League game would be a total of approximately 180 kg (approx. 12
thousand paper cups), an annual disposable waste amount of 3.2 tons (5%
of the total dispose amount). In addition to the reduction of disposable
waste is the reduction of an annual 14.7 tons of CO2 emission, which
occurs during the lifecycle of a paper cup from manufacture to disposal.

The Reuse Cups that will be used for this event are also planned to be
used at events other than the International Stadium Yokohama. 

TEPCO has decided to participate and support this project of using the
Reuse Cup, disposable waste and CO2 amounts can be reduced, this is the
result of very practical environmental reform. Also TEPCO agreed with the
concept of making the Stadium a source to send information to bring about
a lifestyle change and or increase awareness concerning the environment
by using the Reuse Cup which will have the 'TEPCO' S ECO' symbol and
message concerning the environment.

To help build a society that is sustainable, TEPCO is taking many measures
such as, expanding production of safe and sound nuclear energy plants, the
development and proliferation of natural energy and the promotion of
energy conservation. To communicate TEPCO's efforts, TEPCO has a website
which offers practical measures to raise awareness to all people concerning
the environment (CO2 diet lifestyle). TEPCO also offers such practical
measures on the back the notice of electricity consumption.

TEPCO will continue to actively work on reducing emission of gases which
cause the greenhouse effect and other issues that help reduce the burdens
on the environment. TEPCO will also promote the preservation of the Earth
and local environments, cooperating with public and private organizations,
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