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Press Release (Oct 28,2004)
Notice of Fuel Cost Adjustment for January-March 2005 Electricity Rates
Tokyo - In conjunction with the disclosure of fuel prices (customs clearance 
statistics price for crude oil, LNG, coal) for July through September 2004, 
Tokyo Electric Power Company has finalized fuel cost-adjusted unit prices for 
January-March 2005 electricity rates. The unit prices are as follows.  

1. Fuel Cost-Adjusted Unit Prices
   - Increase of about 0.18 yen/kWh for January to March over the current 
     level (October to December).
Note: The upper figures are the fuel cost-adjusted unit prices, and the lower figures [in brackets] are the fuel cost-adjusted unit prices (excluding tax) with consumption tax added. Actual amount billed is calculated by adding consumption tax to charges computed based on fuel cost-adjusted unit prices (excluding tax) etc. 2. Effect on Bill for Average Household (30A, 290kWh/month, discount for payment by bank account transfer, including consumption tax) - Increase of 58 yen for January through March 2005 over the current charges (October through December 2004).
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