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Press Release (Mar 28,2005)
FY 2005 Management Plan
Tokyo --- Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced that TEPCO has
compiled its Management Plan for FY 2005, summarizing the challenges and
major business targets to be addressed in a positive manner over the
next three years with an aim to achieve further growth and development
as well as to improve the corporate value of the TEPCO Group.

With deep remorse for the dishonest practice at nuclear power plants,
and in consideration of the changes in the business environment such as
further intensified competition in the electric power and energy markets
as well as the growing importance of group management, TEPCO announced
in October 2004 the Management Vision 2010 as the medium-term management
policy of the TEPCO Group, covering the period up to FY 2010.
Under the Management Plan for FY 2005, specific action plans to achieve
the targets set forth in the Management Vision 2010 have been worked out
in line with the group's three management guidelines, i.e., "Win the
trust of society," "Survive the Struggle in competition," and "Foster
people and technologies."  In addition, the plan also presents the
targets to be achieved in the three-year period from FY 2005 through FY

Major points of the Management Plant for FY 2005 are as follows:

Specific Efforts
I. Management Targets
II. Management Vision 2010(Medium-Term Management Policy of TEPCO Group)
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