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Press Release (Dec 21,2006)
TEPCO Group Signed Master Charter Party for the LNG carriers with Tokyo LNG Tanker

Master Charter Party to mutually charter LNG carriers of respective fleet 
was signed today between the subsidiary companies of The Tokyo Electric 
Power Company, Incorporated (TEPCO) and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd.

Both companies have been making much effort to diversify procurement and 
to lower the delivered cost of LNG.
The Master Charter Party signed between three TEPCO´s subsidiaries, LNG 
Marine Transport Limited, Pacific LNG Yuso Limited and Transocean LNG Yuso 
Limited, and Tokyo LNG Tanker Co., Ltd, a wholly owned Tokyo Gas affiliated 
company is to become a part of such effort. This master agreement stipulates 
basic conditions of chartering ships, such as duties and responsibilities 
of charterers and owners, and conditions of payment of hire rate and other 
costs.  This master agreement enables to facilitate  negotiation for 
chartering ships when transportation need for spot cargos arise, thus 
contributing to efficient and stable supply of LNG.

Both TEPCO Group and Tokyo Gas Group will continue to make efforts on 
purchasing LNG  stably and economically.

Outline of the Signed Master Charter Party for the LNG carriers
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