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Press Release (Aug 04,2008)
Signing of the Power Purchase Agreement for the Paiton III Coal-Fired Power Plant Expansion Project
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. ("TEPCO") hereby announces that PT 
Paiton Energy ("PE"), a project company of the Paiton I coal-fired power 
plant project, jointly owned by IPM Eagle LLP (a partnership of International 
Power plc and Mitsui & Co., Ltd ("Mitsui")), Mitsui, PT BHP and TEPCO, has 
signed a Power Purchase Agreement (the "PPA") for the Paiton III coal-fired 
power plant expansion project (the "Project") with Indonesia's state-owned 
power company, PLN.

In order to meet an increasing demand for electricity in Indonesia, PLN 
announced the limited tender to develop the Project in February 2007. 
After the bid submission, PLN granted PE the exclusive right to negotiate 
(as announced in TEPCO's press release dated on August 20, 2007), and both 
parties have reached an agreement on the terms and conditions of the PPA.

The Project is to build, own and operate a new 815MW super-critical coal-fired 
power plant at the Paiton Complex located about 150 km southeast of Surabaya. 
The electricity generated will be sold to PLN under a 30-year PPA. This will 
commence after the commercial operation date, which is targeted for 2012. 
The total project cost is expected to be about 1.4 billion US dollars which 
includes the construction costs of the plant.

TEPCO started the IPP business in Indonesia as the first Japanese electric 
power company in June 2005 and believes that the Project will enhance stable 
returns on investment through the long-term PPA. TEPCO also believes that its 
participation in the Project will improve the implementability of the Project 
by utilizing technical expertise and know-how, accumulated in its power business, 
and will contribute further to the development of Indonesia's power sector.

Along with these activities in Indonesia, TEPCO will seek further growth and 
expansion through its international activities.

Appendix:Outline of the " Paiton III Expansion Project "(PDF 70.7KB)
Reference:Indonesia Electric Overview(PDF 13.4KB)
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