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Press Release (Dec 11,2008)
Announcement on Issue of The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated's 552nd Corporate Bond (5-Year Bond)
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (the "Company") hereby notifies all interested 
parties that the Company has decided the following outline of issuance of its 552nd domestic 
straight corporate bond. The terms of the issues are as follows:

[Outline of Issue]
1.  Name of the bond            The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated 
                                552nd Domestic Straight Corporate Bond
                                (with general mortgage)
2.  Aggregate amount            30 billion yen
3.  Date of issue               December 19, 2008 
4.  Coupon rate                 1.202% 
5.  Issue price                 100 yen per par value of 100 yen
6.  Mortgage                    General Mortgage
7.  Interest payment date       June 19 and December 19 every year
8.  Redemption date             December 19, 2013
                                (5-year period: bullet maturity)
9.  Yield on the bond           1.202%
10. Denomination value          1 million yen
11. Schedule
     Announcement date          December 11, 2008 (Thursday) 
     Offering period            December 11, 2008 (Thursday) 
     Payment due date           December 19, 2008 (Friday) 
12. Lead managing underwriter
                                Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd. 
                                Daiwa Securities SMBC Co. Ltd. 
                                Nikko Citigroup Limited 
                                Shinko Securities Co., Ltd. 

Please note that the above purports to be an accurate and complete translation of the original 
Japanese version prepared for the convenience of our English-speaking audience. However, in the 
case of any discrepancy between the translation and the Japanese original, the latter shall 

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