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Press Release (Feb 02,2009)
"The Study on Development of Technical Standards and Competency Standards in Electrical Power Sector in Indonesia"
The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. (TEPCO) has undertaken a project in Indonesia titled 
"The Study on Development of Technical Standards and Competency Standards in Electrical 
Power Sector," under consignment with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). 
Today, TEPCO began a full-scale on-site study in Indonesia. 

In Indonesia, the government aims to eliminate the chronic shortage of electricity by 
improving the operational efficiency of existing power generation facilities while 
increasing supply capacity via the market entry of independent power producers (IPPs) 
financed by foreign investors. At the same time, the country is in need of highly reliable 
and sophisticated technology and know-how (for planning, construction, operations and 
maintenance of systems used for power generation, transmission, transformation, and 
distribution etc.) that will meet their present situation and ensure a stable supply 
of electricity. Therefore, Indonesia faces an urgent need to establish technical standards 
that will facilitate the development of engineers and enhance their professional skills 
as well as to create accredited qualification systems based on these standards. 

In this project, TEPCO will fully utilize its power generation, transmission and distribution 
technical capability and experience gained as a vertically integrated power company to support 
the formulation of national prerequisites for safe electric power supply under the authority 
of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, which is in charge of Indonesia's electric 
utility business. Further, based on these standards, TEPCO will also assist the Ministry in 
developing competency standards and relevant qualification systems. The competency standards 
will systematically specify skill and job requirements for electric utility engineers at each 
capability level in each sector (power generation, transmission/transformation, distribution, 
etc.), while evaluating the individual skill level of each engineer. 

TEPCO has already carried out various overseas consulting projects successfully by leveraging 
its technological expertise, know-how, human resources and other business resources and hopes 
to continue to contribute to the development of foreign countries through the provision of 
technological support in the electrical power sector. 
 Appendix: Outline of the "The Study on Development of Technical Standards and Competency 
           Standards in Electrical Power Sector" in Indonesia" (PDF 9.22KB) 
 Reference: The Electric Utility Business in Indonesia (PDF 33.6KB) 
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