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Press Release (Jun 30,2009)
Commercial Operation of the Star Buck Thermal Power Station in Taiwan - TEPCO's third IPP project in Taiwan -
The Star Buck Power Corporation established in August 2006 by the Tokyo Electric Power 
Company Inc., Taiwan Cogeneration Corporation and other shareholders constructed the 
Star Buck Thermal Power Station, which from today has commenced operations. 

This power station was one of the 2005 Taiwanese government IPP projects for which Taiwan 
Cogeneration successfully acquired the bidding rights. Construction took place from March 
2007 in the Changhua Province located in the central part of Taiwan. This is a gas-combined 
cycle power plant with a capacity of 490MW. All electricity generated is to be sold to the 
Taiwan Power Company, a governmental-affiliated company, for a contractual 25-year period.

This is TEPCO's third Taiwanese IPP project. We have dispatched our engineers to the Star 
Buck Power Corporation to support construction and trial operations. Even after the power 
station's commercial operations are well underway, a TEPCO engineer will remain to support 
the plant's operations and maintenance. 

Besides this project, TEPCO has been participating in other overseas power generation 
projects and providing related consulting service by using the know-how and technology 
acquired through electricity business. We will continue to focus our utmost efforts in 
expanding our overseas business operations in order to sustain further growth and 
advancement for both our clients and the whole TEPCO group, in addition to supporting 
developing countries through the transfer of technology related to the electricity 

 Appendix: Outline of the IPP business "The Star Buck Project" in Taiwan (PDF 259KB)
 Reference1: Overview of TEPCO's participation activity in the Chang Bin and Fong Der IPP 
             projects (PDF 11.8KB)
 Reference2: Overview of Taiwan's Electric Power Industry (PDF 16.5KB)

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