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Press Release (Jul 16,2009)
Commencement of Full-Scale Use of Electric Vehicles as Company Cars - TEPCO to Use EVs Commercially for the First Time -
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) will start using electric vehicles (EVs) 
commercially as company cars from July 23, 2009. These cars will display an original 
design painted on the body. 
Initially, seven EVs (five "i-MiEV" cars and two "Subaru Plug-in STELLA" cars) will be 
dispatched to the offices of the Kanagawa Branch. This will be the first phase of our 
plan to introduce some 310 EVs by the end of FY 2009. 

With the intention of implementing the full-scale use of EVs, TEPCO has been conducting 
joint studies, including field trials, with automakers. Since FY 2007, TEPCO's management 
plan has set the goal of replacing 3,000 of the 8,500 vehicles that currently make up the 
company fleet with EVs. In May 2009, TEPCO announced a plan to introduce 310 EVs in this 
fiscal year, in light of prospects for the commercial launch of the EV. The seven EVs 
allocated to our branch will be the first EVs that TEPCO will put to actual use. 
Subsequently, EVs will be phased in at our other offices.

As part of our efforts to contribute to environmental conservation, TEPCO intends to 
promote the introduction of EVs as company cars and provide technical support to 
facilitate the wider use of EVs. 

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