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Press Release (Aug 03,2009)
Launch of the Study for Introduction of the Energy Management System in the Republic of Serbia - Promoting Energy Efficiency and Organizational Capacity-Building -
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) launched the first local survey of the 
"Study for Introduction of the Energy Management System in the Republic of Serbia" 
entrusted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The objective of this 
study is to promote energy efficiency within the demand side sectors of the Republic 
of Serbia.

This study supports the establishment of the "Energy Management System", which from 
a consumer perspective aims to establish specific measures and laws targeting energy 
efficiency. The initial groundwork was first laid when the Government of Serbia 
requested Japan to conduct research that would assist the nation in formulating her 
energy-conservation policies. Consequently, JICA entrusted TEPCO to conduct the 
developmental survey. This is TEPCO's first energy efficiency project to be conducted 
in Eastern Europe. 

The scope of the project covers the schematic design of the Energy Management System, 
recommendations for the establishment of a new energy-efficiency law with accompanying 
regulations, and capacity-building for organizations in the planning and implementation 
stages of their energy efficiency policy measures. The study, which covers the whole 
land of Serbia, commenced on July 2009 and is scheduled to end in January 2011.

TEPCO will continue to vigorously promote measures and technologies that are in favor 
of and work towards protecting the global environment as well as supporting energy 
efficiency for other countries via utilization and dissemination of our cumulated 
experience and know-how. Further, these positive efforts in developing international 
projects will contribute to the growth of the entire TEPCO group.

 Appendix: Outline of the "Study for Introduction of Energy Management System in the
           Republic of Serbia" (PDF 104KB)
 Reference: The Energy Situation in Serbia (PDF 114KB)

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