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Press Release (Sep 14,2009)
Launch of the Study on Optimal Power Generation for Peak Demand in Turkey - Enhancing Technical capabilities of developing power generations to adopt peak demand in Turkey -
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) , and Tokyo Electric Power Services 
Co., Ltd. (TEPSCO) have signed a technical consulting agreement with the Japan 
International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to conduct a study on optimal plan of peak 
power supply in Turkey. This study, which is the TEPCO's third consulting project 
in Turkey, commenced on September 2009 and is scheduled to end in August 2010.

The peak supply capacity in Turkey is predicted to be short by 2015 due to steep 
growth of power demand. The Government of Turkey requested Japan to assist the nation 
in formulating a power development plan designed to meet the peak demand growth up to 
2030, including the pumped storage power generation considered as an appropriate power 
source for peak supply. Consequently, JICA entrusted TEPCO to conduct the service.

The scope of the project covers the power development plan to meet the peak demand 
(from 2010 to 2030), the schematic design of pumped storage power projects, and the 
transfer of the technologies related to the field of the power development plan to 
Turkish counterpart agency, via utilization of our experiences and know-how.

TEPCO and TEPSCO are continuously promoting overseas businesses such as consulting 
services for other countries by taking advantage of our technical expertise and 
know-how, and will contribute to the countries' further development through them.

 Appendix: Outline of "The Study on Optimal Power Generation for Peak Demand in Turkey" (PDF 10.6KB)
 Reference: The Energy Situation in Turkey (PDF 68.1KB)
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