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Press Release (Sep 17,2009)
"The Master Plan Study of Coal Power Development" in the People's Republic of Bangladesh - Securing a stable power supply via diverse energy resources -
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Inc. (TEPCO) has signed a technical support consultancy 
contract with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) for a project titled 
The Master Plan Study of Coal Power Development which aims to diversify the People's 
Republic of Bangladesh's (Bangladesh) power supply through expanding the application 
of coal.

Throughout recent years, continuous high economic growth coupled with a 10% positive 
forecast for electricity demand led Bangladesh to appeal to the Government of Japan for 
assistance in the formulation of a master plan concerning power development utilizing 
coal from the perspective of optimally balancing diverse energy sources. 
Amidst this background, JICA launched a project proposal resulting in TEPCO being 
assigned to conduct what will become its 12th Bangladesh consultancy project.

Specific objectives consist of investigating through the lens of ensuring energy security 
potential measures that employ the expansive application of coal, which is a recognized 
abundant resource in the area, as well as scoping for ideal site-locations for the 
construction of coal-fired power stations. The formulation of an Optimum Power Supply 
Development Plan and a Master Plan containing the schematics for the transmission grid 
will be completed by 2025.  The planned survey period is from September 2009 to January 2011.

TEPCO will continue to fully leverage acquired technical expertise and know-how in the 
electric power sector to contribute to the positive development of its many host countries.
These overseas consultancy services will not only foster international goodwill but also 
enhance the growth of the entire TEPCO group. 
 Appendix: Outline of "The Master Plan Study of Coal Power Development"  
           in People's Republic of Bangladesh (PDF 12.1KB) 
 Reference: The Electric Utility Business in Bangladesh (PDF 79.4KB) 
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