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Press Release (Nov 30,2009)
Selling the interest in "Tarong North Power Project" in Australia
                                                  The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc.
                                                                  Mitsui & CO., LTD.

On November 30, The Tokyo Electric Power Co., Inc. ("TEPCO", President, Masataka 
Shimizu, Headquarter, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) and Mitsui & Co., Ltd. ("Mitsui", President, 
Masami Iijima, Headquarter, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) have concluded the sale of a 50% share 
of interest in Tarong North power station, which TEPCO and Mitsui own through TM 
Energy (Australia) Pty Ltd ("TM Energy"). TM Energy was jointly established by Tokyo 
Electric Power Company International B.V. ("TEPCO International", a subsidiary of 
TEPCO) and Mitsui Power Investment Pty Ltd ("Mitsui Power Investment", a subsidiary 
of Mitsui) in 2002.

As a result of strategic asset reviews, both TEPCO and Mitsui decided to sell their 
shares of interest (50% in total, 35% owned by TEPCO and 15% by Mitsui) in Tarong 
North to TN Power Pty Ltd ("TN Power", a subsidiary of Tarong Energy Corporation 
Limited ("Tarong Energy"), which is a state-owned power generation company in 
Queensland). TN Power's acquisition of TEPCO and Mitsui's shares of interest resulted 
in its 100% ownership of the power station.

TEPCO will continue to actively pursue overseas business opportunities utilizing its 
technical expertise and for this project will continue to provide operations and 
maintenance support to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the power station. 

Mitsui will continue to focus on the power generation business as one of its core 
businesses, through both developing/acquiring new projects and expanding/improving 
its existing ones. 
 <Reference> Outline of Tarong North Power Project and Tarong Energy(PDF 7.30KB) 
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