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Press Release (Sep 13,2010)
2020 Vision: Medium to Long-term Growth Declaration
The Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated (TEPCO) has established
its "2020 Vision: Medium to Long-term Growth Declaration."

In recent years, we see many changes taking place. In addition to 
changes in the social structure caused by the rapid aging of society 
due to a declining birthrate, decreasing population, and changes 
in the industrial structure, major changes are also occurring in 
relation to the energy and environment situation, as can be seen in the
development of energy-saving technologies, the global warming issue, 
increasing energy consumption particularly in Asia.  
Such changes can be expected to have various impacts on our Group's 
management, but rather than simply responding to them, we will take 
the opportunity of these changes to delve deeper into, and more widely
expand, business activities we have cultivated so far, and pursue 
forward-looking management toward future growth and development.  

Based on this awareness, the TEPCO Group will make a new start under 
"2020 Vision: Medium to Long-term Growth Declaration." It is for the 
first time in six years since we formulated the previous management plan 
"Management Vision 2010." 

Under "2020 Vision, "based on the Management principle for "Contributing
to creating affluent and comfortable environments by providing optimum 
energy services," we present "Value social trust," "Open the way to the
future," and "Maximize human and technological potentials" as three 
"Management Policies" for the direction of our business.  

Moreover, in order to achieve sustainable growth, we have made "the Seven
Value-up Plans" as practical action plans, and also have set financial
strategies for realizing our vision and "2020 Targets" as numerical targets
for both business and finance.

We will continue to ensure energy security, deliver stable supplies of 
low-cost, eco-friendly electricity, and provide energy services that meet
customer satisfaction, based on trust from society and local communities
where we operate.

We will not stop there, however, but will keep advancing, to pursue new
social and environmental initiatives and new values. We will make active
and integrated efforts to reduce carbon from all aspects of the energy 
chain, from power generation to power utilization by our customers, and
at the same time expand the use of high-efficiency, low-carbon energy 
abroad as well, based on the human resources and technologies we have 
cultivated so far through our domestic electricity business. Furthermore, 
by striking a balance between these efforts and corporate profit, we hope
to realize sustainable growth of our Group and share the fruits of our 
achievements with society.

The TEPCO Group will pursue a new vision befitting the coming times,
to ultimately create an affluent and comfortable future.

Please note that this purports to be an accurate and complete translation
of the original Japanese version prepared for the convenience of our 
English-speaking audience. However, in the case of any discrepancy between
the translation and the Japanese original, the latter shall prevail.

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