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Press Release (Mar 11,2011)
The Effect of Earthquake Occurred in the Northern Part of Japan(as of 4:30 pm today)
A big earthquake occurred in the Miyagi Prefecture at 2:46 today. Due
to the earthquake, about 4.05 million households are in power outage
in our service area.

Due to the earthquake, our power facilities have huge damages, so we
are afraid that power supply tonight would run short. We strongly ask
our customers to conserve electricity.
If you find any disconnected transmission lines, please do not touch

The effect of the earthquake to our facilities is as follows;

Fukushima Daiichi
-Unit 1,2,3 were operated and automatically stopped.
-Unit 4,5,6 are in regular inspection.

Fukushima Daini
-Unit 1,2,3,4 were operated and automatically stopped.

-Unit 1,5,6,7 are in operation.
-Unit 2,3,4 are in regular inspection.

At all the nuclear power stations, monitoring posts, which monitor
radiation through exhaust stacks have shown normal values. In other
words, at the present, no radiation leaks have been confirmed.

(Thermal Power Stations)
-Hirono  Unit 2,4 were stopped.
-Hitachinaka  Unit 1 was stopped.
-Kahshima  Unit 2,3,5,6 were stopped.
-Chiba  Unit 2-Group 1 was stopped.
-Yokohama  Unit 8-Group 4 was stopped.
-Ohi  Unit 2,3 were stopped.
-Goi  Unit 4 was stopped.

(Hydro Power Stations)
-15 power stations in Fukushima, 3 power stations in Tochigi, 3 power
stations in Yamanashi, 1 power station in Gumma were stopped.

(Transmission and Distribution Facilities)
-Naka Distribution Facility was stopped.
-Shin-Mogi Distribution Facility was stopped.

-At the service facility(not nuclear facilities) of the Fukushima
Daini Nuclear Power Station, a small fire temporarily occurred but
was extinguished at 4:07 pm.
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