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Press Release (Mar 12,2011)
Avoidance of rolling blackout due to power supply shortage
The power supply capacity in TEPCO's service area is reaching its limit 
in meeting the power demand because its power supply facilities including
power stations such as Fukushima Daiichi and Daini nuclear power stations 
and transmission system have been seriously damaged due to 
the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake occurred on March 11th. 

In this backdrop, we have notified our customers about the possibility of
rolling blackout this morning. However, because of the utilization of 
UFR,we hereby notify our customers that we expect to be able to avoid 
the rolling blackout tomorrow.

We continue to take all measures to recover facilities and secure power 
supply. However, factoring in a difficult status of facilities, we may 
be forced to implement rolling blackout from the next week.

We kindly ask our customers for continued cooperation in reducing usage 
of needless lightning and electric appliances.

<Reference:Supply and Demand Status>
   ○Today's Supply and Demand Estimate (Mar12, 2011)
       Demand Prediction 36,000MW (18:00 to 19:00)
       Supply Capacity   37,000MW
       Reserve Capacity  1,000MW(3%)

   ○Tomorrow's Supply and Demand Estimate(Mar13, 2011)
       Demand Prediction 37,000MW
       Supply Capacity   36,000MW
       Reserve Capacity ▲1,000MW(▲3%)

* UFR(Under Frequency Relay)
:System that cuts off load automatically when frequency decreases.
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