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Press Release (Mar 13,2011)
Occurrence of a Specific Incident Stipulated in Article 15, Clause 1 of the Act on Special Measures Concerning Nuclear Emergency Preparedness
At 2:46PM on March 11th 2011, turbines and reactors of Fukushima Daiichi 
Nuclear Power Station Unit 1 (Boiling Water Reactor, rated output 460 
Megawatts) and Units 2 and 3 (Boiling Water Reactor, Rated Output 784 
Megawatts) that had been operating at rated power automatically shutdown 
due to the Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake.

In all 3 Units, one offsite power system out of two was lost and diesel 
generators were automatically activated. 

At 3:41PM, diesel generators failed and as a result, all the AC power 
was lost in Unit 1, 2 and 3. Following this incident, at 3:42PM, it was 
determined that a specific incident stipulated in article 15, clause 1 
has occurred, and level 1 emergency status was announced, together with 
the notification to Ministry of Economy, Technology and Industry, 
Governor of Fukushima prefecture, Mayors of Okuma town and Futaba town, 
and related institutions in accordance with the law. 
                                                     (already announced)

Afterwards, in Unit 3, High Pressure Core Injection System has been 
automatically shut down. Re-activation of Reactor Core Isolation Cooling 
System was attempted but failed, and as we were unable to confirm the 
level of water injection to the reactor by the Emergency Core Cooling 
System, at 5:10 on March 13th, it was determined that a specific incident
(Emergency Core Cooling System water injection inability) stipulated in 
article 15, clause 1 has occurred.

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