Corporate Information

Press Release (Mar 17,2011)
March 17th (Thu): Group 1 (Original Schedule: 16:50 - 20:30)
-Blackout Period: Approximately 3 hours (16:50PM - 20:30PM)
-Customers (planned): Approximately 2,890,000 customers
-Areas : Chiba pref., Tochigi pref., Saitama pref., Gunma pref., 
     Kanagawa pref.

 Kyonan Town, Kamogawa City, Tateyama City, Kimitsu City, Ichihara City, 
 Sodegaura City, Chonan Town, Nagara Town, Minamiboso City, Futtsu City, 
 Mobara City, Kisarazu City

 Sakura City, Otawara City, Nasukarasuyama City, Nasushiobara City, 
 Nakagawa Town, Nasu Town, Yaita City

 Saitama City (Nishi ward), Fujimino City, Sayama City, Sakado City, 
 Shiki City, Tokorozawa City, Niiza City, Kawagoe City, Asaka City, 
 Miyoshi Town, Iruma City, Fujimi City, Wako City

 Yotsukaido City*, Isumi City, Sakura City, Oamishirasato Town, 
 Ichihara City, Chiba City (Inage Ward, Hanamigawa Ward, Wakaba Ward, 
 Chuo Ward, Mihama Ward, Midori Ward), Funabashi City, Ichinomiya Town, 
 Chosei Village, Chonan Town, Nagara Town, Shirako Town, Mutsuzawa town, 
 Togane city, Yachimata city, Yachiyo city, Mobara city

 Minano Town, Ogano Town, Chichibu City, Yorii Town, Nagatoro Town, 
 Higashichichibu Village, Yokoze Town, Hanno City, Ogawa Town, Tokigawa Town, 
 Ranzan Town

 Yokosuka City, Yokohama City (Isogo Ward, Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward, 
 Konan Ward), Kamakura City, Chigasaki City, Hayama Town, Zushi City, 
 Fujisawa City

 Kamagaya City, Funabashi City, Shiroi City

 Kawasaki City (Saiwai Ward*, Kawasaki Ward*)

 Midori City, Isesaki City, Kiryu City, Tamamura Town, Maebashi City

 Aikawa Town, Kiyokawa Village, Ayase City, Isehara City, Ebina City, 
 Chigasaki City, Atsugi City, Samukawa Town, Zama City, Sagamihara City 
 ( Chuo Ward, Minami Ward), Yamato City, Fujisawa City, Hiratsuka City

 Shibukawa City, Maebashi City, Showa Village 

 Ayase City, Yokohama City (Sakae Ward, Totsuka Ward, Konan Ward, 
 Izumi Ward), Kamakura City, Chigasaki City, Yamato City, Fujisawa City, 
 Hiratsuka City

•No. is based on each substation's coverage area.

We will make maximum efforts to continue supplying electricity to the 
railroad services and may not carry out the rolling blackout.
*Newly applicable areas due to operations from substations. However, 
those areas could be out of the target if the network systems change in 

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