Corporate Information

Press Release (Mar 17,2011)
March 18th(Fri): Group 5(Original Schedule 18:20 - 22:00)
-Blackout Period : Approximately 3 hours ( 18:20 - 22:00 )
-Expected Number of Customers: approximately 3,690,000
-Applicable Region: Chiba Pref., Yamanashi Pref., Kanagawa Pref., 
 Gunma Pref., Saitama Pref., Tochigi Pref., Tokyo and Shizuoka Pref.

 Misato City, Soka City, Yashio City

 Koshu City, Yamanashi City, Otsuki City, Tsuru City, Yamanakako Village,
 Nishikatsura Town, Oshino Village, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Narusawa Village,
 Fujiyoshida City, KosugeVillage

 Ito City, Izunokuni City, Izu City, Shimoda City, Kawazu Town, Matsuzaki 
 Town, Nishi-izu Town, Higashi-izu Town, Minami-izu Town, Mishima City, 
 Numazu City, Kannami Town, Atami City

 Hiratsuka City, Oiso Town, Ninomiya Town, Isehara City, Chigasaki City, 
 Atsugi City, Hadano City, Ebina City, Samukawa Town  

 Otawara City, Utsunomiya City, Sakura City (Tochigi pref.), Nikko City, 
 Yaita City, Nasushiobara City, Takanezawa Town, Shioya Town

 Annaka City, Shimonita Town, Kanra Town, Nanmoku Village, Takasaki City, 
 Tamamura Town, Kamisato Town, Kamikawa Town, Misato Town, Fukaya City, 
 Kanna Town, Chichibu City, Fujioka City, Tomioka City, Honjo City

 Koshigaya City, Arakawa Ward, Misato City, Kawaguchi City, Soka City, 
 Adachi Ward, Yashio City

 Yokohama City (Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward), Kawasaki City (Miyamae Ward, 
 Takatsu Ward) 

 Isesaki City, Kusatsu Town, Nakanojo Town, Naganohara Town, Tsumagoi 
 Village, Takasaki City, Tamamura Town, Shibukawa City, Maebashi City  

 Aikawa Town, Uenohara City, Sagamihara City (Chuo Ward, Minami Ward, 
 Midori Ward), Machida City, Doshi Village 

 Utsunomiya City, Sakura City (Tochigi pref.), Nasukarasuyama City, 
 Yaita City, Otawara City, Nakagawa Town, Ichikai Town, Motegi Town, 
 Kaminokawa Town, Shioya Town

 Numazu City, Fujinomiya City, Fuji City

 Yokohama City (Isogo Ward, Sakae Ward, Totsuka Ward, Konan Ward, 
 Izumi Ward, Minami Ward), Kamakura City, Fujisawa City 

 Abiko City, Kamagaya City, Matsudo City, Kashiwa City, Shiroi City, 
 Noda City, Nagareyama City

 Kumagaya City, Gyoda City, Fukaya City, Honjo City

 Ichikawamisato Town, Minobu Town, Nanbu Town, Fujikawa Town, Fujinomiya 
 City, Fuji City

 Hiratsuka City, Aikawa Town, Kiyokawa Village, Zama City, Isehara City, 
 Atsugi City, Hadano City, Ebina City

 Funabashi City*1, Urayasu City*1, Kamagaya City*1, Yotsukaido City*1, 
 Ichikawa City*1

*No. is based on each substation's coverage area.

•Start time and end time may slightly differ in each Group.
•Depending upon the demand-supply conditions during the designated day, 
   additional blackout may occur at other than the scheduled time.
•We will make maximum efforts to continue supplying electricity to the 
   railroad services and may not carry out the rolling blackout to them.

*1 Newly appointed areas due to opeartion changes in the substations. 
   However, those areas could be out of the list when they are reenergized 
   due to the operational reasons in the future.

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