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Press Release (Mar 21,2011)
Smoke from the Southeast Side of the Rooftop of the Unit 3 Building in Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station
At around 3:55 PM on March 21st, an employee of TEPCO confirmed light 
gray smoke arising from the southeast side of the rooftop of the Unit 
3 building, and reported the situation to a fire station at 4:21 PM.

The parameters of reactor pressure vessel and reactor containment 
vessel of Unit 3, and monitored environmental data around the Nuclear 
Power Station remains at the same level. However, employees working 
around Unit 3 evacuated to a safe location.
It is observed the smoke has been decreasing.

TEPCO continues to take all measures to restore the safety and security 
of the site and are monitoring the site's immediate surroundings. 
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