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Press Release (Mar 22,2011)
Start-up of posting Graph of status of electric power use" on our website"
Due to the power supply-demand balance, TEPCO has been implementing 
rolling black out since March 14 because of the occurrence of the 
Tohoku-Taiheiyou-Oki Earthquake. We sincerely regret causing anxiety and 
inconvenience to our customers and the society. 
We appreciate your cooperation in conserving electricity consumption.

We start posting "Graph of status of use of electric power" on our 
website today. We plan to display a current result of electric power use 
per hour, availability of power supply, and a result of electric power 
use per hour of the previous day in our service area and widely announce 
status of electric power use which reflects cooperation of our costomers 
in conserving electricity consumption and rolling blackout.

We take our utmost effort for restoration in order to make stable electric 
power supply as early as possible. We would like to ask for your 
cooperation in saving electricity consumption and understanding as to 
rolling blackout, although we inconvenience you.

TEPCO website "Graph of status of electric power use"

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